Saturday, February 24, 2007

Indiana, Texas Tech Student Politics

Yesterday I wrote about how I believe the political orientation of my subject pool may be affecting our studies on social reality perception. I wanted to provide a visual aid to demonstrate this.

I borrowed this measure of political orientation from Indiana University professor Erik Bucy, Ph.D. In addition to the measure, he sent me a pie chart with political orientation frequencies taken at IU this spring (2007).

Keep in mind that Indiana is a red state through-and-through, although IU is the more liberal of the major state universities (Purdue students tend to be more conservative).

Indiana University Students 2007

Texas Tech University Students 2007

These pie charts support my contention that Texas Tech students in 2007 are far different than Rutgers (the state university of New Jersey) students in the the late 1990s in terms of political orientation.

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