Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dissertation for Sale, It Seems

When you submit your dissertation, you are required to process it through Dissertation Abstracts International, which is now either owned by or run by Proquest.

Today I Googled the title of my dissertation, Exploring the validity and reliability of the acoustic startle probe as a measure of attention and motivation to television programming.

In this one instance, it was not a case of vanity Googling. Instead, I was trying to see what keywords I could keep in a title and still have blind review (that is, if a reviewer Googles the title of a journal submission, will it directly point to me?).

Much to my surprise, up came the Proquest version of the dissertation at Amazon.

Amazing. It could be yours for $69.95.

Technically, they call Dissertation Abstracts publishing. In this case, it actually is!

Somehow, I do not expect to sell many. It's just weird to see it there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should get a 50% kick-back on each sale.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Yeah, but being a scholar, I'd e-mail people the PDF for free,

9:47 PM  

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