Monday, October 16, 2006

Journal Proliferation: Dilution or Improvement?

I received a bulk e-mail this week from Marquette Books seeking editor nominations for six new "low-cost" communications journals. I'm not sure what make of this development.

On the one hand, there is plenty of garbage being published in current communications journals. On the other hand, many libraries are being hurt by escalating journal costs.

I am especially interested in what my peers think about this issue. Will this just muddy the waters and confuse people? For example, one colleague wrote that the new Journal of Media Psychology may be confused with the existing -- and excellent -- Media Psychology. Such confusion is probably intended.

I am a frequent critic of the status quo. And I want to believe that this is at least in the direction of an improvement. But adding a journal version of the vanity press -- albeit an inexpensive one -- seems like no help at all.

Communication scholars, I want to know what you think. Click that little comment link below and give some feedback.


Anonymous Sam said...

A big thumbs down to all the regular readers for not leaving comments. Shame, shame, shame.

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