Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why Exactly Did I Design This Experiment?

We have completed 45 subjects. Only 195 to go. Ugh. Really, ugh! Hopefully, I will have my third MediaLab license up-to-speed soon. Then we can schedule three participants at a time.

I am really missing those 6 laptops now. I may have to make a lifeline call to Indiana sometime soon.

The worst part -- in addition to all of those hours in the lab -- is not knowing the answer. I really want to know the answer. This is a research question that has been floating around in my head (in some form or another) since fall 2001. And now it appears that we are 3 weeks away from the answer.

If it works, I will wax poetically about it here. If it fails, we will all cry in our beers!


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