Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Great Day for the Research Churn

If you start putting marbles in a piece of pipe one at a time, it takes a while before they start coming out of the other end. Early in my graduate school career, I was taught that research is much like that pipe. You have to keep putting marbles in if you want them to come out of the other side.

Of course the marbles in this case are peer-reviewed journal articles. If there is an empty spot in the pipe, then there will be a time when no marbles are forthcoming.

Yesterday was a good day for marbles. In the afternoon, former master's student Tim "Anonymous" Laubacher and I submitted his thesis to a journal.

A couple of hours later, Annie Lang wrote to say that a piece we did at Indiana has been accepted by Erlbaum's new journal, Communication Methods & Measures.

I love days like those!


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