Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dorothy Correct: Home Tops All

There's no place like home.

That pretty much says it. And Lubbock feels a lot like home.

This morning I was driving down University Ave. after leaving the barber. The West Texas sky was a brilliant blue, and the dry air was about 60 degrees. I was headed to Jones AT&T Stadium to buy football tickets.

Days do not get much better than that.

And perhaps the best thing of all is that my day gets even better when I get to work. This is truly a collegial, fun place to work. I look forward to seeing my colleagues. They're good teachers and good researchers.

Pound for pound in terms of experimental researchers, I'll put Texas Tech up against any other Ph.D. program in the country. And if we land just one of the high profile candidates whom we're recruiting this year, then we'll be over the top.


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