Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tech Doctoral Student Pens Again

In our doctoral program in the college of mass communications at Texas Tech University, we have one of the most prolific authors in America today.

Bob Schaller has authored more than 40 books, and that number continues to increase dramatically. It seems as if he writes a new book each week.

Mr. Schaller's latest book, Michael Phelps: The Untold Story of a Champion, is scheduled to be released Oct. 21 from St. Martin's; however some reports have the books on some shelves now.

The Phelps book was the subject of a Publishers Weekly cover story this week (see photo). This is an honor, and it reflects positively on both Mr. Schaller and the college. has the mass market paperback for just $6.99 and available for preorder, and it is my understanding that this book will have many interesting insights filtered from the official Phelps biography.

Having read some of Mr. Schaller's work, I highly recommend it. I'll be buying my copy in a little under two weeks.

Congratulations, Bob.

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