Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Switch to Bond Investment in the Fall

OK, so I won't really go into it here, but Black Monday 1987 was a pretty formative day in my life. It set some key values and ensured I would never be a stock trader.

Watching this current economic situation, not being an economist, listening to some economists arguing against the bailout, I have been wondering what we really should do. Smart people make a convincing case on both sides, and public opinion is on the no-bailout side.

Then I wondered, "What caused Black Monday in 1987?" So I fired up my old friend Wikipedia, and searched Black Monday 1987.

And the answer is not particularly interesting to me.

But I did note that it was: October 19, 1987.

I also noted that there is some disambiguation with Black Monday and Tuesday 1929, which were October 28 and 29.

And I thought: both in October. Hmmm.

And we're almost in October. Hmmm.

All three in the first five weeks of fall, which is like another word for crash.

So, I say damn you Autumnal Equinox!

March, heck! Beware the Ides of October.

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Blogger das said...

Investors should switch to Malaysian corporate debt after a three-month rally pushed down government bond yields to "absurd" levels, according to OSK Securities, the country's second- largest brokerage.The premium that investors earn for holding 10-year Malaysian company bonds over sovereign debt is near the widest in more than five months. Returns on the government securities are the lowest since 2001, after adjusting for inflation, which erodes the interest payments investors get, said Ray Choy, a strategist at the bank in Kuala Lumpur.


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