Sunday, August 03, 2008

2000 Miles: A Long Time in the Making

Today marked a milestone of sorts. I finally tallied 2000.0 miles on my bike computer.

It's taken far too long to get here. I eclipsed 1000.0 miles back in Bloomington, Ind. So it's been more than three years. That's less than 333 miles a year, which is horrible for a cyclist.

Sure, the figure is a little misleading. I rode my other bike for almost a year while my wheel was broken (average is up to maybe 500 miles a year). Then, when I finally starting riding my Trek again, I messed up the odometer, and the first few rides did not "count." Also, I rode a few on the trainer (a device that you mount the bike on to ride stationary) a few times, and those miles don't add up.

One of the reasons that I moved to Texas was to have a longer riding season. I have not done a very good job of that. Shame on me.

But, I have to admit, the elliptical in my climate controlled house looks a lot better when it's 50 degrees, but there is a 20 mph wind.

Still, in a climate such as this, anything less than 1,000 miles a year (less than 3 miles a day) is simply unacceptable.

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