Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meat-Free Month: Day 13 Update

I admire real vegetarians. Doing this for a month is pretty challenging; doing it for a lifetime would be more work than I have in me.

It's not hard in that I am just dying for meat (however I was not especially thrilled when my wife ordered the mixed grill at Olive Garden the other night). It's just that if I cannot have meat, I am pretty much not so interested in eating.

The vegetarian Phad Thai at Thai Pepper was really good, but I can hardly eat out every night. And I have to remember to ask someone what is the best kind of tofu to buy to make tofu stir fry.

Lunch is OK because of the Amy's line of vegetarian microwave meals. In fact, this is no problem. And I never eat meat for breakfast unless we're visiting someone or it's a special occasion, so this, too, is no big deal.

But dinner is starting to be a drag. I've eaten bean burritos about half of the time -- my wife was nice enough to make a nice black bean burrito last night. I'm also already tired of tortellini with spaghetti sauce.

So specific tofu suggestions would be appreciated. Apparently there are many different kinds with many different textures.

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