Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Come on Horse, Let's Go for a Ride

Photo credit: Unknown.

Today I was sitting having lunch at the brand new Jimmy John's with master's student Wes Wise.

I grew to love Jimmy John's at Indiana, and I was glad to see one open up near the Tech campus.

While enjoying my #5, I saw a horse driving down Broadway Ave. Sticking out of the window was the head of a live Shetland pony.

Wow. Wes and I remarked at the oddness and carried on.

About 10 minutes later it clicked. I had seen that fool pony before. In an e-mail sent around last summer with a title something like "Only in Lubbock."

I found the picture. And sure enough. Same pony.

Welcome to Lubbock. The Giant Side of Texas.

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