Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fingers Crossed: Physiology Data Rolling

Things were looking good about two and a half hours ago. Data were rolling in. The very first psychophysiological experiment was running in the college of mass communications at Texas Tech University.

It gets pretty boring watching what the participants are watching, so I decided to fire up the laptop and write a post similar to this.

But then Murphy's Law -- or as I like to call it, Sam's Law -- kicked in.

Literally as I was typing my Blogger.com login, the stimulus computer crashed.

It's still crash-friendly, and I cannot figure out why. Arrrrgh. Thanks, MediaLab!

The second participant is running, and hopefully I will actually be able to use her/his data.

My fingers are crossed. Luckily the SNAFU happened to me, as all of the graduate students are in class.

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