Sunday, December 03, 2006

Florida Deserves Bid in BCS Title Game

If you win the Southeastern Conference, you are a champion. If you are second place in your conference, you are not a champion.

I am perhaps the only fan of the current Bowl Championship Series system (it maintains the most important regular season in all of sport). No matter what you think, the title game should be a contest among champions.

Top-to-bottom, the SEC is better than the Big Ten this year. If you win the SEC, you deserve to play for the championship more than a second-place team from a lesser conference. Florida should play Ohio State.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree.

Even if Michigan may possibly be the 2nd best team in the nation (who's to say for sure?), the BCS Championship game should be a matchup of 2 conference champions.

Do whatever you can to win your conference.

A matchup between OSU and Michigan would be simply unfair to OSU as well. What's the reward for having won the November 18th game in Columbus? A Big Ten Championship, yes, but a rematch is no reward.

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