Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whatever It Is, Like Me Is Good

I was cleaning out the e-mail today, and I ran across something really cool that I meant to mention before.

Regular readers will recall my fascination as of late with brand identity (e.g., this post).

In particular, I find it fascinating that people think that the brands they prefer are like them. At the level of pure logical, this is absurd, of course. At the social level, it's really cool.

Well, some proprietary research from a colleague (hence why I am so vague here) provides more evidence for the strength of being like me. This research was testing new "concepts" with consumers. So consumers had no familiarity coming into the research.

Once again it turns out that the three highest rated concepts overall, were also the three most "like me."

We're weird eggs, but we sure like ourselves.


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