Saturday, November 11, 2006

Get Your Guns Up

Season tickets on the South Plains.

Emily and I just returned from a Texas Tech men's basketball game, where the Red Raiders defeated Sam Houston State, 79-64.

It was great -- as an Indiana alumnus -- to watch coach Bob Knight coach in person.

The United Spirit Arena is a great facility. It is far more modern and far nicer than IU's Assembly Hall. However, once inside, the Red Raiders have a lot to learn in terms of atmosphere. Hoosiers know how to rock an arena. We still need some work here in Lubbock.

At least both arenas proudly display NCAA national championship banners. Assembly Hall showcases 5 men's banners, and the United Spirit Arena displays the 1993 women's national title banner.

It was a good time, nonetheless, and I stopped myself twice before I yelled, "Come, on Hoosiers!" Oops. Wrong team.


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