Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pop Culture 1, Politics 0

In case you wondered, far more college students knew of Britney Spears' pending divorce than the change of secretary of defense.

In other news, the new secretary of defense comes to us from Texas A&M. Prepare to be invaded. (Those of you from outside of Texas probably cannot appreciate Lubbock's sentiments toward the Aggies).


Anonymous sb2 said...

The question then is "How many of these students did their patriotic duty, went to the polls and voted for someone, about whom they knew nothing, except that:
1. He is cute.
2. I like his hair.
3. I saw one of his TV commercials in which he explained that his opponent is a scumbag.,
thus throwing the future of their future children into the hands of someone whose policies may well bring them great pain and suffering?

3:00 PM  

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