Thursday, August 17, 2006

Events Combine to Make Great Academic Day

Today is one of those days that you want to cut out and save in a scrapbook. Some days it sucks to be a professor. However, today was one of those awesome, awesome days to be an academic.

I started the day back at the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center. This morning's session was on active learning, and it was awesome! I learned several things that I will use in my classes this semester.

Then it was off campus to meet with my client for the advertising campaigns class. I will keep the client under wraps for a bit longer, but this is a great client. The marketing director is a former professor, and they are totally on board with the campaigns class. Very cool. And the students are going to love it. We already have a field trip planned.

Back at the office, it was talking shop with colleague Coy Callison and working on two journal articles, both of which will go out the door tomorrow. As a scholar, two-article days are rare and savory.

Then shortly before 6 p.m., it was time to head home ... where my parents were waiting! They're a big reason why we moved to Texas, and it is great to see them. This is the fifth time we will have seen them in 2006, and I am pretty sure that is more times that we've seen them in any one year since we left New Mexico in 1999.

So, yup. It's a banner day. If only I hadn't had to wake up at 6:15 a.m., it would have been perfect.


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