Thursday, August 03, 2006

Agency Tour Highlights Day

Today was marked by a fun field trip to the Price Group Inc., a Lubbock area advertising agency. I was impressed with the place, and I especially thank Barbie Chambers for an excellent visit.

It was nice to be in an agency again, especially since this one is about the same size as my parents' former agency, Bradmark Inc.

I like being around agencies. I know nothing about interior design, but I can usually tell when I am in an agency. Their design has a certain artistic quirkiness to it.

Ironically the tour came about an hour after a student asked me why I decided not to work in advertising. It's a long -- and unfortunately unhappy -- story, but it's just not right for me today.

Consulting will be a much better venue, and I look forward to that part of my career when the "tenure" hurdle is a little closer to the rear-view mirror. For today, however, I will have to rely upon the occasional field trip to satisfy my "real world" itch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing like feeling "at home"!

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