Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Consider Mass Communication Ph.D. at Texas Tech

I continue to be excited about the future at Texas Tech University.

Most recently, doctoral student Wendy Maxian has decided to attend Tech. I got to know Wendy at Ohio State, and I was extremely impressed by her potential.

After accepting this position at Tech and learning more about the Ph.D. program here, I felt that it was a perfect fit for Wendy. Although it took some persuasion (she has called me a used car salesman more than one), Wendy will be arriving in the Hub City in about three weeks.

A doctoral program is about its faculty. Not reputation. Not what used to be there. And given the young talent here, I will put our Ph.D. program up against any other.

If you wandered across this posting because you are considering a Ph.D. in mass communications, please e-mail me. Click here to see my e-mail address. You will actually have to type it in, as I am trying to outsmart Spambots. I'd love to tell you why Tech is the place to be.

Our Ph.D. program is just more than a year old, but it's already better than most. We pay more than most places, and I will put our publication record over the past 3 years up against anybody. Find out more about our program here, or contact our director of graduate studies, Dr. Michael Parkinson.


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