Monday, August 07, 2006

Congratulations to David Hutchinson

A "job well done" goes out to Ohio State University student David Hutchinson, who successfully passed his master's thesis defense today. David is the first "lab" graduate student to finish, and he set the bar especially high.

David has written an excellent thesis, titled, "Graphic Television News and Memory in the U. S. War Against Terrorism." Throughout the process, David has been a quick learner and an excellent student. It was a joy to work with him.

David is moving to the east coast, where his wife has accepted a tenure track position. David will be looking for Ph.D. programs in the area, and I know that he will be an excellent doctoral student and professor.

Special thanks go out to Dr. Gerald Kosicki, who stepped in as David's advisor of record when we learned that the graduate school would not allow the advisor to participate via videoconference. Thanks also go out to committee member Dr. Daniel McDonald, who also put up with the videoconference annoyance. Finally, I offer profound gratitude to Dr. Edward T. Palazzolo, whose videoconference expertise and equipment made today possible.


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