Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do Social Interactions Make Us Happier

The other night, I was laying with my 4-year-old just after reading a goodnight story.

I thought about the day she would have the next day. She'd wake up when she wanted, eat breakfast, play, eat lunch, play, eat dinner, play, watch some TV, have dad read to her, go to bed.

It's a pretty nice life. It will get hectic in a few years when she has crushes, enemies, etc.

But it made me wonder? Do these kinds of social interactions (i.e., finding friends) actually make out lives better?



Blogger Tim Laubacher said...

I think that as we grow up, we somehow lose some of the ability to be completely content without the social aspect. Sure, it's great to have alone time.

But, I think there are many experiences that would not be as meaningful if you didn't have someone to share them with. It sort of reminds me of "Into the Wild." It takes him many weeks of isolation to realize that life is better when shared.

But you have a point. With relationships come complications.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny you mention it. It's exactly what I did today. Got up around noon, ate, watched TV, slept, got up, ate some more, watched TV, and now i'm browsing till it's time to eat some more before i sleep.

btw, i've been doing this for the last two weeks ;)

9:56 PM  
Blogger Leah Fo Shizzle Bizzle said...

i think social relationships definitely make our lives better, though, you have a point, with them can come lots of drama. but that also makes for good stories. i love my alone time, but i love people too, enough to deal with the drama to experience the joys.
isn't that why, for example, people have weddings where they invite the people they love the most? forgive me, i am going to a wedding of two great friends on monday, it's on the brain. i mean otherwise, everyone would elope :)

11:41 AM  

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