Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Life's All a Twitter

The devil made me do it, really.

I have added another social networking site to my life.

The devil, by the way, is named Tim Laubacher.

I called him out in a blog post yesterday for not using Facebook or MySpace.

His retort suggested that he was, indeed, using Twitter, which appears to be a stripped-down social networking site that has only status updates.

In my never-ending quest to learn more about "new" media, I signed up for Twitter. You can now follow me there if you are deathly bored and care what I am up to.

You can also follow me via Twitter on the little box in my sidebar (likely down and to the right).

I'm still not sure how this helps my life, but it has caused me to learn how to update my Facebook status using SMS text messages, so that is a bonus.

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Anonymous Billy said...

Sam -

Welcome to Twitter. It seems so hot right now. Visit and go to the "social media" section. You'll find at least a few blogs talking about Twitter. On alltop there is also a Twitter section that follows the top people on Twitter.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Tim Laubacher said...

If my mother knew I was the devil, she'd be very upset.


1:30 PM  

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