Monday, March 24, 2008

Great Advice on Publishing Academic Books

I love when I read clever things, and Rachel Toor's article on the relationship between dissertations and academic publishing was especially insightful. The piece was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education:
Last summer, I was asked to lunch by an acquaintance from another university, an assistant professor whose tenure clock was running down. She wanted some advice about publishing.

She explained that she had a year to get her dissertation turned into a book. Or else. Being an assistant professor had taken more time and energy than she had expected and now here she sat, with a year to get a book written, accepted, and into production at a good press.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Samuel D. Bradley said...

I have yet to learn the formula. It seems to have to do with the individual advertiser and the amount of time someone clicks around once they get there.

By contract, I am not allowed to click the ads myself.

But I find the keywords interesting.

Feel free to support the blog and click interesting ads.

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