Friday, March 14, 2008

Peter Arnett Talks about War Coverage

Thursday night Peter Arnett was at Texas Tech to talk about his career as a war correspondent.

The lecture was far longer that scheduled, but I quite enjoyed learning more about this Pulitzer Prize winning journalist's career.

I, of course, learned of Mr. Arnett during his work with CNN during the first gulf war.

[Late add] I learned a lot during the talk. Mostly I learned how little I know about the Vietnam War. Mr. Arnett showed photographs of Buddhist monks in the political act of self-immolation. Given that I have taken photojournalism classes in my life, I am sure that I have seen these photographs before. But I was too young to understand.

There's something horribly profound about a man setting himself on fire in political protest.

One of the benefits of a university life is interesting lectures. It's something that I do not do often enough. As with so many things, life seems to get in the way.



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