Saturday, October 06, 2007

E-mail: Not Entirely Unlike Heroin

I love e-mail. I loved e-mail when e-mail wasn't cool.

I remember sitting in our house in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1993 with a Compuserve account and no one to e-mail. There were weird things called Jughead and Archie. I was confused and mad. It was like having a car and no roads.

Today there is no such problem. Scads of messages clog my inbox every day, and luckily for today at least, the vast majority of those do not involve male enhancement. I cleaned my inbox yesterday, so I am down to 813 messages.

So I check my e-mail approximately 8,321 times a day. Which I -- of course -- know is insane.

When I go out-of-town, I feel like some sort of drying out smack addict when I cannot check e-mail. Which is, of course, also insane.

Thanks to colleague Dr. Rob Potter, the audio professor, for posting a great audio podcast on this very topic. Well written and eerily close to home.

Time to check my e-mail.

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