Tuesday, August 07, 2007

May Lightning Strike Greedy NFL Network

Six months sped by since the last real football game.

Such a drought meant that even the meaningless Hall of Fame Game intrigued me. I was excited to watch it Sunday night.

Then I found out that it was on the stupid NFL Network.


And I do not blame my cable provider at all for not carrying this upstart attempt at blackmail. One hundred percent of the blame falls upon the network.

This is just another example of wanton greed and total disregard for the fans.

Damn you, NFL Network. Damn, you Big Ten Network.

All special sports networks deserve to fail miserably, and I hope that their sponsoring institutions suffer for creating them.

Without fans, sports mean nothing. It's time for leagues to start respecting that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's pretty much unbelievable that I live in Columbus, Ohio and have an extensive cable package through TimeWarner, and as it stands now, I will not be able to watch the first 2 OSU football games on TV.

Not until game 3 against Washington will the Buckeyes be on a non-Big Ten Network channel.

- Tim

11:58 AM  

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