Thursday, February 23, 2006

My TiVo: A Tattoo-Loving Pervert

One of my favorite things about TiVo is that it attempts to record programs you will like. Since I purchased this TiVo for research purposes -- and I study emotional television -- I have been recording "extreme" programs. For example, I recorded one documentary about sex. Well now the TiVo never misses a good sex documentary. All sex, all the time. It's quite funny, really.

In addition, I asked it to record Miami Ink, an interesting TLC reality program about tattoos. This has apparently caused the TiVo to record documentaries on tattoos and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Very amusing, I tell you.

Mostly, however, I really, really would love to have access to the TiVo data. It would be fascinating to really know what people watch when.


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