Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Being a TV Doctor

I received my Ph.D. in part from the department of telecommunications at Indiana University. This makes me a TV doctor of sorts. Many times this leads to amusing pursuits.

I spent the entire day in a mad search for stimuli for an upcoming study about emotion and memory for television. My endless conversations about appropriately graphic sex scenes must have seemed a bit absurd to those in the Derby Hall hallways. You see, it cannot be too graphic. I am a TV doctor, not a porn doctor. But it must be pretty arousing. And it must be positive. Everyone should be having a good time. And it would help if there were some dialogue for the memory purposes.

So I have been talking to people, e-mailing people, and visiting Blockbuster. And I managed to grab the one Desperate Housewives DVD with no good scenes of Eva Longoria. Grrrr. There's a wasted $4!


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