Monday, April 28, 2008

Poor Miley: Did Vanity Fair Exploit?

Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair magazine.

Poor Miley Cyrus. You might know her as Hannah Montana.

I have four daughters, three of whom are of television viewing age. So I know Hannah Montana.

Now some risque pictures in Vanity Fair magazine have raised eyebrows.

Until now, many parents were pro-Cyrus because the 15-year-old didn't dress like, well, a whore.

These new pictures will surely shock some of our more Puritan residents. From the behind-the-scenes shot published early online, they're not that crazy.

That is, there are no Janet Jackson-esque style wardrobe malfunctions.

For one, Cyrus was posing for renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, and there was surely pressure to push the envelope a little bit. They are in the business of selling magazines, after all.

But Cyrus also has the pressure to stay relevant to her fans. She cannot be a little girl forever. Her fans are getting older every day, too. And that wholesome image loses traction over time.

Britney got breast augmentation before she was legal. These pictures hardly cross that line.

Perhaps they show the evolution of a young woman.

The public opinion backlash will be interesting to watch.

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Blogger IUAngelini said...

To me the current apologies seem a bit artificial. Her parents were on set and did not put a stop to their 15 year old daughter taking such pictures.

And there is some validity to the notion that she can't be Hannah Montana forever. She has to evolve her persona to hold on to her current crop of fans. She has to stay relevant. I just hope that in five years we don't see her shaving her head or strapped to a gurney while her parents admit her for psychiatric evaluation.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Tim Laubacher said...

Possible alternative articles headlines:

"Sam Bradley Scours Internet for Sultry Cyrus Photos"

"Cyrus Struggles with Inner Brand"

"Vanity No Fair Says Cyrus"

12:58 PM  

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