Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reflections Inspired by Weblog Inactivity

  • One never intends to take a week off from Weblog posting.
  • I am thankful every day that I don't have to be at work at 8 a.m.
  • I keep intending to look up scientific articles on circadian rhythm.
  • The now forgotten source who advised me never to chair more than three committees at once was wise indeed.
  • I really hope that this whole Millennial student thing is a phase; otherwise I might have to find a new career.
  • Sending letters acknowledging job applications takes more time and effort than the actual business of hiring.
  • Things my Ph.D. adviser once did seemed like relatively arbitrary decisions at the time. In hindsight they seem like genius management techniques.
  • Unless you're a slacker, there will never be enough hours in the day.
  • I'm long overdue for a visit to New Mexico.
  • If you could see how blue the sky is right now, you'd want to live in West Texas, too.
  • Although there are many things that I miss about my job at Ohio State, I am thankful every day that I live closer to this country's southern border than its northern one.
  • It is supposed to be 74 degrees here today.
  • But we had 30 mph winds yesterday and will again tomorrow.
  • My To-Do list is so overstuffed that I am crushing under the weight, yet I still find it difficult to say "no" to interesting new projects.
  • In my experience, people are either team players or they are not. You can almost always count on team players, but you can rarely count on the others.
  • People seem to create drama where there need not be any.
  • If you work every night until at least 7 p.m., you will eventually test your spouse's patience.
  • Although I am glad to be in the Southwest, I miss Dunn Meadow.
  • I finally ordered a frame for my doctoral diploma -- 3 years after graduation.
  • If I have to prep a single new course, I will go crazy.
  • Did I mention that I am designing a new course just for fun?
  • I wish that it would warm up more quickly so I could go for a bike ride.
  • In my experience, people do not achieve greatness unless they forever look over their shoulder and see failure stalking them at every turn.
  • Fewer than 1 in 20 students will pursue greatness for its own sake.
  • I spent most of winter break pondering a more Transcendental lifestyle.
  • Vegas odds don't look so good on me pulling that off.
  • Rome was not built in a day. I usually forget this.
  • So many decisions seem so much clearer when you're the one making them. It's a humbling experience.
  • Almost warm enough to ride ...



Blogger Tim Laubacher said...

Fewer than 1 in 20 students will pursue greatness for its own sake.

My question is, is it a good thing to pursue greatness for its own sake? Does it somehow make you a better person to pursue greatness in some field for the sake of the cause, rather than for the sake of being great?

Regardless, I'm all for being great. Where can I sign up?

4:16 PM  
Blogger Samuel D. Bradley said...

I don't know whether it is a good thing. It is a unique thing.

Take a class, for example. You pass it and move on with a C. Or a B. Why get an A? Perhaps you want to go to grad school, so you need a good GPA.

But at Tech, an A- is a 4.0. So what makes one go for an A+ when it does not make any quantitative difference?

You just have to want it. For its own sake. You have to want to be excellent just because you can be excellent.

And that inspires me.

But I do not know whether it is objectively good.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Tim Laubacher said...

I see what you're saying.

Perhaps the person who is intrinsicly motivated to be great is then more well equipped to be great for a purpose if/when that purpose is discovered.

You get the same great for an A- and an A+??? Do you at least get a piece of candy or a cookie with the A+? Or a high five or guns up?

8:08 AM  
Blogger Tim Laubacher said...

I intended to type "grade" not "great." I guess greatness just flows from my typing fingers.

8:10 AM  
Blogger FlixView said...

Hi Sam, reflections much appreciated, sorry for email inactivity. I have real-job envy, but not committee-work envy. Great is good, but is less more? Tuesday is crunch-day at the day job and the paper, so more will have to wait. cheers old friend, Kent

8:24 AM  

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