Saturday, November 24, 2007

Like Movies? Check out FlixView

LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- It's always great to find a friend with a Weblog, and I recently found a great one.

My friend and former Round Up (NMSU student newspaper) colleage, Kent Lowry, authors an excellent film criticism Weblog, FlixView.

Kent was the arts editor of the Round Up and has extensive training in film and related intellectual pursuits, including at Ohio State, where I used to work! Of course I had forgotten about Kent's time in Columbus while I was there.

At any rate, check out FlixView. Although Kent's status as one of the only local movie critics in the desert Southwest -- due to his affiliation with the Las Cruces Sun-News Pulse section -- will be lost on many readers here, the blog is of interest to any movie fan. And Kent does a great job with frequent updates, so it's a good place to keep current with cinema.

Especially of interest to me was Kent's recent post about 3-D movies.

This now concludes the shameless plug section of this Weblog.

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