Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When You Really, Really Hate Olive Garden

When I am bored, I like to Google arbitrary stuff, such as the word "the."

Today someone forwarded me a screen shot of a news story about the Indiana Olive Garden sickness , but the Web page had an ad for an Olive Garden give away. Hilarious, yes.

So later today I Googled "Olive Garden."

The first two results were the restaurant, but the third was this rant about how Olive Garden is the devil for pushing wine (Olive Garden's response is especially priceless).

Come to think of it, they are really annoying about the wine.

Yet therein lies the power of the Internet. Obviously people are reading the rant, or it would not be the third highest rated result. In the "old" days, you could be hurt by word-of-mouth advertising. However, these non-mass media allow for feedback. The brand is taking a beating.

Sadly, I am nonetheless hungry for Olive Garden.

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