Monday, August 22, 2005

Snowballs Continue

The blogs keep on blogging. I started this Weblog after 3 months of passively watching the progress of my friend, colleague, and former committee member Rob Potter at Indiana University. Rob seemed to be having a decent go at it, so I decided to try. As someone who wrote an opinion column for 2 years, it seemed easy enough. Admittedly, however, these first couple of weeks have been characterized by an uncertainty of just where to put the filter. How professionally oriented should it be? Will that be boring?

Whatever Rob did worked, as it sparked me. Now, I have "sparked" another generation with friend, colleague, and fellow Hoosier Johnny V. Sparks Jr and his new blog titled, "Sparkysparx." As of today, Johnny has no content, but stay tuned!

Thus, as a mass communication researcher, I am still forming opinions about this medium. However, unlike more traditional media, Weblogs seem to be able to spread with a technique akin to snowball sampling. That is, one person starts one, and then throws a proverbial snowball at someone, who also starts one, and so one.

Finally, for the irony of the day, the spell checker on Blogspot rejects the word "blog." Har!



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