Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pinker Offers Take on Evolved Morality

If you're looking for something interesting, I recommend Steven Pinker's contribution on "The Moral Instinct" in the New York Times Magazine.

It is a great read; however, I feel that, as usual, Pinker relies too heavily upon innateness.

His heavy leaning on the gene is evident as he somehow finds a way to use Chomsky's universal grammar (strongly innate) as an analogy in morality.

If you find this topic interesting, Robert Wright's The Moral Animal does a great job at considering how altruism might have evolved.

At any rate, Pinker is a brilliant writer, and this is well worth reading even if I do quibble with a few of the details.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you have an interest in linguistics, I also recommend Pinker's "The Language Instinct" if you haven't already read it.


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