Saturday, June 17, 2006

Internet Does Blur Mass Media Divide

It's an interesting world. In fewer than five minutes, I can:

  • Read a story on about "Teacher in trouble over topless shots, but is it art?"
  • Google the ousted teacher's name, Tamara Hoover
  • Read Hoover's Myspace page and get her side of the story
  • Read some random blogger's posting that Hoover is a lesbian
  • Look at Hoover's alleged girlfriend's Flickr site
  • Realize that Celesta Danger is a talented photographer
  • Realize that Hoover's sexual identity probably has too much to do with the dismissal
  • Briefly ponder my own keep-out-politics policy about this Weblog
  • Wonder why so many people care so much about other people's sex lives
  • Become sad that a teacher loved by her students is treated like this
  • Realize that I will be a Texas voter in 10 days, thus gaining some minute influence


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