Monday, March 20, 2006

Irony in Return Trip to Bloomington

On a day when I wrote about returning to Indiana, I found out that I will be making an unexpected return trip in two weeks.

My awesome advisor, Annie Lang, nominated me for the program in cognitive science's dissertation award. And my dissertation committee must have written amazing letters because somehow I won.

Normally I will not use this forum for patting myself on the back, but in this instance I wanted to express how excited I am to be returning to my intellectual roots. Indiana University is an amazing place, and I had the chance to learn with amazing scholars. I cannot say enough about the place.

We left Bloomington in late June, 2005, and we have not been back since. Several of our friends have visited us here, but it will be fun to be back there. If done properly, the Ph.D. is a process of amazing growth. So, the award is flattering. It is nice to have some recognition of communication scholarship in a larger forum. But mostly it is an excuse to have some fun with old friends, and that is always welcome


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Often, old friends are best!

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